Development and validation of the Monopoly on Truth Scale. A measure of political extremism.


Dono, M., Alzate, M., Seoane, G. & Sabucedo, J. M.


Extreme political attitudes have been on the rise since the economic and political crisis of 2008. This surge of extremism constitutes a real threat, as attitudes like these are dangerous for the peaceful, democratic functioning of society. A new cognitive style, Monopoly on Truth has been proposed, based mainly on the concept of naïve realism. Method: The development and validation of a scale for this new construct is the main objective of this study. A pilot study (N=209) was performed in order to gather the items that make up the fi nal scale; and a main study (N=369) was conducted to test the validity and predictive power of the scale. Results:The validation is successful as the scale shows good reliability scores, while also proving to be linked to extremism-related constructs. Additionally, the scale shows signs of not being ideologically biased. Conclusion: Results show the scale to be a very useful tool for studying extremism and other political trends. Future directions and other implications of the Monopoly on Truth are also discussed.

Revista: Psicothema, 30(3), 330-336

DOI: 10.7334/psicothema2017.423

Año: 2018