Adaptaçao de ABQ para a medida do burnout em jovens jogadores de futebol cabo-verdianos.


de Francisco, C., Lopes-Furtado, E. y Arce, C.


The ABQ is a questionnaire to measure athlete burnout. It was elaborated with the responses of athletes of the United States. The objective of the present study was to adapt the ABQ to the sport context of Cape Verde with the Portuguese language. The Portuguese version of ABQ was administered to a sample of 400 soccer players of both sexes and with ages between 14 and 18 years old. A model with three factors as the original was specified using confirmatory factor analysis: physical/emotional exhaustion (PEE), sport devaluation (SD), and reduced sense of accomplishment (RSA). Overall fit of the model, fit of individual parameters and values of reliability were satisfactory. Regarding the gender of athletes, evidence of invariance model was confirmed in factorial loads and in correlations between factors, but not in measurement errors. In conclusion, this study shows that the Portuguese version of ABQ can be used in Cape Verde with sufficient psychometric guarantees.

Revista: Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 27(1), 77–86.

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Año: 2018