Performance profiles of winning and losing teams participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.


Vales, A., Blanco, H., Areces, A. & Arce, C.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the competitive performance of elite football teams in order to differentiate their performance profiles, by taking the final result of the games (winning teams vs. losing teams) as a criterion. We applied a Multi-Dimensional Battery of Performance Indicators (MBPI) comprising six indices: Game Initiative Index (GII), Offensive Game Progression Index (OGPROI), Offensive Game Precision Index (OGPREI), Game Volume Index (GVI), Physical Load Index1 (PLI1) and Physical Load Index2 (PLI2). A total of 64 games from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa were analysed. Statistical analyses of comparisons of means between winners and losers made it possible to conclude that the winning teams showed statistically higher values in four of the six performance indices used: GII (p < .001), OGPROI (p = .002), OGPREI (p = .028) and GVI (p = .001). Nonetheless, no statistically significant differences were obtained between the two groups in the PLI1 and PLI2 indices (p > .05). The MBPI may prove to be a highly useful tool for researchers and coaches in evaluating performance, and orienting training content in elite football.

Revista: Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 24(1), 111-118.

LINK: ResearchGate

Año: 2015