Peer leadership in sport teams: Elaboration of an assessment system.


Torrado, J. & Arce, C.


The present study was developed with the aim of increasing the assessment model of peer leadership (EELD-30) elaborated by Arce, Torrado, Andrade and Alzate (2011) and, at the same time, shortening the number of indicators in order to improve its applicability. As a result, a new version was obtained, called EELD-24, with one more factor (six instead of five) and fewer items (24 instead of 30). Fit indexes (item loads, factor correlations and error variance) were satisfactory and global fit indexes of the model were reasonable: χ2(242) = 566.278 (p < .001); χ2/df= 2.340; GFI = 0.90; TLI = 0.92; CFI = 0.93; SRMR = 0.058; RMSEA = 0.058 (C.I. 90%; 0.052; 0.064). Apart from this, satisfactory indexes of internal consistence were obtained, with values of Cronbach’s Alpha between 0.76 and 0.86, and also convergent and discriminant validity and invariance of the model offer satisfactory results. The final scale can be used both for an applied context and for research with enough psychometric guarantees.

Revista: Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 24(1), 185-190.

LINK: ResearchGate

Año: 2015