“Who Cares?”: The Acceptance of Decentralized Wastewater Systems in Regions without Water Problems


Gómez-Román, C., Lima, L., Vila-Tojo, S., Correa-Chica, A., Lema, J. & Sabucedo, J. M.


There is a growing interest in decentralized wastewater treatment systems, especially in regions with water scarcity problems or water management issues. This study aims to determine whether the perceived advantages and disadvantages (leading to acceptance) of decentralized wastewater plants in such regions are the same in regions where the population is not aware of these water issues. Firstly, this study systematically reviews previous findings on public perceptions of the acceptance of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Then, the study details the results of a focus group study to determine whether the elements identified in the literature are also relevant in a region where people are unaware of water problems. The results show that a lack of awareness of water issues seems to be a critical factor influencing acceptance. Reframing the usefulness of these systems by focusing on other aspects, such as environmental sustainability, is key. Who Cares? Decentralized Wastewater Systems

Revista: IJERPHInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(23), 9060

DOI: 10.3390/ijerph17239060

Año: 2020

Who Cares? Decentralized Wastewater Systems