Spanish adaptation of the subjective value inventory


Lorenzo, R., Morales, J. F., Sabucedo, J. M. & Seoane, G.


Different studies have highlighted the importance of subjective outcomes in negotiations. The Subjective Value Inventory (SVI) is the only existing instrument for measuring this aspect. The aim of this research was to analyze the psychometric properties and gender factorial invariance of the SVI in a Spanish sample. Method: A double back-translation of the original tool was carried out and it was then applied to a diverse sample of 345 university students and professionals of both genders. Analysis of factorial validity, reliability, and factorial invariance of the model across gender were carried out. Results: A model of sixteen items grouped into four factors, equivalent to the original, was confirmed. All the factors of the model, except the Self, demonstrated adequate psychometric indices. The configural invariance across gender is acceptable. Conclusions: The Spanish version of the SVI matches the original scale. However, this study proposes using the scale without the Self factor. Lastly, the scale shows configural invariance across gender.

Revista: Psicothema, 32(3), 437-443.

DOI: 10.7334/psicothema2020.7

Año: 2020