The mediating role of sport self-motivation between basic psychological needs satisfaction and athlete engagement.


de Francisco, C., Arce, C., Sánchez-Romero, E. & Vílchez, P.


Engagement could constitute a frame of reference for promoting positive experiences in sport, hence the importance of learning about what precedes it in order to promote its development. This study was conducted to examine the role of self-motivation as a mediator between basic psychological needs satisfaction and athlete engagement. Method: A sample of 426 male and female athletes from different sports were asked to complete three questionnaires measuring each of the study variables: The Basic Needs Satisfaction in Sport Scale, the Behavioral Regulation in Sport Questionnaire and the Athlete Engagement Questionnaire. A structural relationships model between the constructs analyzed was specifi ed and implemented. Results: High levels of self-motivation increased levels of athlete engagement and vice versa. Conclusion: Basic psychological needs satisfaction has a direct positive effect on athlete engagement and in turn, an indirect effect mediated by athletes’ self-motivation.

Revista: Psicothema, 30(4), 421-426

DOI: 10.7334/psicothema2018.117

Año: 2018