Adaptation of the Test of Performance Strategies Competition Subscale to Spanish.


Tomé-Lourido, D., Arce, C. y Ponte, D.


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the conceptualisation and assessment of athletes’ psychological skills and the study of their impact on sports performance. The aim of this study was to adapt the Test of Performance Strategies 3 competition subscale to the Spanish context. Method: The items included in the original test in English were translated using a double-back method, and the test was completed by a sample of 1,003 Spanish athletes of both sexes. Analyses of the factorial validity, reliability and invariance of the measurement model were carried out. Results: Favourable evidence was obtained for a measurement model comprising 36 items grouped in 9 factors, similar to the original model. Model fit was reasonable for both individual parameters and overall. Reliability rates were satisfactory for the overall test and for each factor. Evidence was also favourable for sex-based measurement model invariance. Conclusions: The adaptation is satisfactory and fit for use by sports psychology researchers and professionals in assessing the psychological skills employed by athletes in competition.

Revista: Psicothema, 30(1), 123-129

DOI: 10.7334/psicothema2017.124

Año: 2018