The importance of political context: Motives to participate in a protest before and after the labor reform in Spain.


Gómez-Román, C. & Sabucedo, J. M.


The objective of this study is to ascertain how political context and participants’ union membership affect the motivation to participate in a protest. The study compares participants of two demonstrations in Spain on different dates, organized by the same trade unions, with the same objectives (opposition to a new labor law). The design of the study compares political context (demonstrating before or after the labor reform) and union membership (unionist/non-unionist). This provides an excellent frame of analysis as to how these factors affect the variables that motivate participation in a protest: anger, efficacy, identity, satisfaction with democracy and trust in institutions. The results confirm that political context mainly affects the variables identity and efficacy, whereas the union membership factor influences trust in political institutions, identity and satisfaction with democracy. Furthermore, analysis shows how the interaction between political context and union membership affects feelings of anger, trust and satisfaction with democracy.

Revista: International Sociology, 29(6), 546-564

DOI: 10.1177/0268580914549861

Año: 2014