Moral obligation: a forgotten dimension in the analysis of colective action.


Vilas, X. & Sabucedo, J. M.


This paper investigates the motivational dynamics in political protest. In addition to the classic variables (anger, politicized identity and efficacy), we are including that of the moral obligation to participate. To test the viability of this new proposal, university students’ intention to participate in different protest acts were analyzed. The structural equation analysis shows that moral obligation has a direct influence on the intention to participate and acts as a mediator between the other variables and the criterion variable. Politicized identity also has a direct effect, although less significant, on the intention to participate, as well as having a significant bearing on the other three predictive variables. Finally, efficacy and anger have an influence on the intention to participate through moral obligation. This data points towards the necessity to include moral obligation in the explanatory models of collective action.

Revista: Revista de Psicología Social, 27(3), 369-375

DOI: 10.1174/021347412802845577

Año: 2012