Measurement model of subjective mood states in adolescent athletes.


Andrade, E., Arce, C., Garrido, J., Torrado, J. & de Francisco, C.


This study was designed to obtain evidence of the internal validity of a Spanish version for adolescents of the Profile of Mood States questionnaire, POMS (Andrade, Arce, Armental, Rodríguez & De Francisco, 2008). Andrade et al.’s version was previously developed with items selected through scaling objects. The sample for this study was composed of 320 adolescent athletes – 194 males and 126 females – with a mean age of 14.95 (SD = 1.29). A confirmatory factor analysis was used to test the congruence between the data and the proposed model. The best fitting measurement model was one with 29 items and 6 first-order factors: Tension, Depression, Anger, Vigour, Fatigue and Friendliness. The values obtained for the most habitual global goodness-of-fit indices were as follows: c2(361) = 684.25 (p < .01), CFI = .96, NNFI = .96, RMSEA = .053 (with limits of .047 and .059 for the confidence interval at 90%) and SRMR = .061.

Revista: Revista de Psicología del Deporte, 20(2), 537-548.


Año: 2011